Launch of the Cliftonville Project

On July 29th this year we launched our new service in Cliftonville with the help of funding from the People’s Health Trust. The Launch was held at St Paul’s Community Centre and involved the local community in advertising our new service. Local people came along and found out how they could be involved in the new service and as a result of this a new Music Group and a Tea and Chat Drop-in were formed in the area. Our new development worker in this area is Kay and we would like to extend a warm welcome to her to SpeakUp...

Posted 10/12/2015 12:59:13

Sandwich LGBTIQ Forum

After an unfortunate postponement last month, owing to the cessation of train services following an accident, SpeakUpCIC's Sandwich LGBTIQ Forum was #inally launched on 9th November. Thanet's LGBTIQ Forum #irst met in 1993 and it was great to be able to expand this successful group to another area of East Kent. Our initial venue, the Beach Hut Café in Strand Street, could not have been more welcoming and it was great to meet new members Stuart and Jenny, as well as catching up with Mathew, Maggie and David. Hopefully, this monthly g...

Posted 10/12/2015 12:17:56

Amanda and SpeakUpCIC fundraise for MacMilllan

This year Amanda took up the challenge from MacMillan Cancer Care Charity to go sober for the month of October to raise funds to help people #ighting Cancer. Boasting that she was a SOBERHERO, members of the SpeakUpCIC forums challenged her to dress-up as a superhero if £100 was raised. True to form the forums contributed and Amanda quickly raised this amount and went on to surpass it with a total of £233 going to this worthwhile cause. So a BIG thankyou goes to all who contributed to making a difference to those suffering with Canc...

Posted 10/12/2015 11:59:54

SpeakUpCIC LGBT Brighton Pride

Becoming aware that you're different, that you're attracted to others of the same gender, accepting that fact yourself let alone telling others can amount to a daunting experience.  Add to that being surrounded every day by heterosexual images - tv, posters, magazines, film, internet - and it can also be an isolating experience. 

So it was when I attended my first Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans (LGBT) Pride a decade ago that I was almost overwhelmed by a sense of togetherness, happiness and wellbeing.  I was reminded of t...

Posted 07/12/2015 11:12:50

Discussion on the difficulties that service users had accessing services

Late one Friday afternoon in May, SpeakUpCIC alongside the independent support group Talk it Out and independent representative Hugh Kennedy met up with Chief Executive Officer, Angela McNab, and Directors from KMPT to discuss via the Chair, MP Charlie Elphike, difficulties that service users have had accessing services, especially the crisis service.

Angela McNab and her team updated us all on the progress the Trust has made and some of their plans to develop services to prevent hospital stays. Angela felt that in-patient services shoul...

Posted 06/04/2015 00:29:03

Mental health awareness concert at St Paul's Church - Cliftonville

On Thursday 13th March 2014, SpeakUpCIC and Kent Show Choir held a mental health awareness concert at St Paul’s Church, Cliftonville. It was an inspiration and revelation and it was Pav’s thank you to Mental Health organisations. The concert was about mental health which still has stigmas and taboos.

We are glad of organisations like SpeakUpCIC and Richmond Fellowship; which gives support and a safe haven for those who suffer with mental conditions on a daily basis. Unfortunately, rates of suicide and attempted suic...

Posted 06/04/2015 00:22:13

Charlie Elphicke visits the Dover Forum

Charlie Elphicke seemed very empathetic and sympathetic when it came to Mental Health. He seemed to have knowledge and aware of what is happening country wide, especially closures of mental health hospitals and cutbacks in general.

When asked about the number of suicides that occurred in Dover he was not impressed as Dover is a suicide black spot and thinks the situation is unacceptable and should give us a reason to worry. His answer to my question seemed dismissive and I thought not very sympathetic.

He said “Dover” is a por...

Posted 06/04/2015 00:14:29

LGBT Group visits Bridgton Mind Out group

Being LGB or T,(lesbian,gay,bi,trans*) even in these days of progressive equality, can still be an isolating experience if you aren’t fortunate enough to live in a city with a large and visible “Queer” community, even more so if you happen to be the one in “one in three gay people” who experience mental health issues.Brighton’s population of around 155,919 has such a percentage of LGBT people living in this East Sussex resort that it lays claim to the title of “gay capital of Europe”.

Where better, then, for ...

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User Forum trip to Thanet Pride

We arrived early for Thanet pride. The day started out cloudy and windy, but soon turned beautifully hot and sunny. We met up with some of the other forum members at around 11.30am and did a tour of the various stalls which were worth a look at as I have an eye for a bargain. The stalls were varied and interesting. There was  a funfair as well. The parade came past at noon, loud and colourful, bigger than last year. The Margate beauty queen arrived first on her float. We picked a spot to watch the main stage performances . The top bi...

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Gay Forum Trip to Brighton

The cloudy skies parted and the warm sunshine shone for the Gay Forum’s trip to the bustling city by the sea, Brighton.  As well as an enjoyable excursion to the South coat seaside, the main purpose of our visit was to meet the city’s equivalent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender mental health group, Mind Out.

Seven of us from the Thanet and Ashford gay groups took the train across the Romney Marsh and after glimpsing Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne, arriving in Brighton at lunchtime.  We were warmly welcomed at the st...

Posted 05/04/2015 23:59:33