The Sandwich Support Group

I am Fred Collins and I became ill twenty years ago due to many factors including running an old family business in the Covent Garden/Soho area of London, with all its associated stress and strains. Plus, the changing world of London which was all about money and not people and communities, which jarred my senses. Also, the losses of my father, mother and father in Law all took its toll. Well after five years of illness and very little support outside my family I was very fortunate to be referred to the group which, at that time, had been running in one form or another for five years or so. We met every Tuesday 10am – 1pm in a large room in a private dwelling in New Street Sandwich. Two professionals ran it; Sandra Allen and Tim Bugden. To me then, and even now, were the reason why myself and others have been able to regain our self-esteem and our part in the community. The group is peer led with guidance from the facilitators who also give it structure without hindering free speech and opinions. This allowed a lot of useful information to be exchanged and digested with great effect to out wellbeing and our recovery. In the last year, we have lost out NHS funding which was a great shock and damaged most of our health for some time, but we bounced back with our previous knowledge and experience and retained the shape and drive of the group, which has always been fondness and understanding of all the other people. Which are all, of course, as vital to the structure and shape of the group as each other. We are all friends as well as members and when we can help each other outside the group, we do so like a big family would care about each other. So, the secret is look further than your own demons and try and fight your friends’ demons too.


Posted 05/07/2017 13:14:29
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