SpeakUpCIC celebrates World Mental Health Day in Canterbury

SpeakUpCIC joined up with Canterbury & Coastal Carers’ Support Group to celebrate World Mental Health The topic was- “OPEN DIALOGUE” with Dr. Russell Razzaque, MB.BS., MRCPsych., Dip.Couns: Yasmin Ishaq, Service Manager for the East Kent Early Intervention Service and Annie Jeffrey, local activist and campaigner, went very well, with approximately 80 people, including the choir, attending. It was lovely to see so many people at the event. The*Mustard Seed Singers' performance was very popular and people were amazed at the harmonies which conductor Elle Caldon achieves with the choir. To say that the "Open Dialogue" initiative presentation was interesting is a total understatement. Words which have been relayed to us by many of you who attended the evening are " exciting, inspirational, innovative, hope-creating," etc. Dr Razzaque's presentation focussed around the "Different Approach" of Open Dialogue and the success of this approach wherever it has been put into practice.

Posted 10/12/2015 13:33:07
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