Day Trip to Hastings

We all set off for Hastings on a lovely sunny day in the mini-bus. We called in at Dover Resource House to pick up members on the way, we had a full compliment of people. Through beautiful countryside we arrived in Hastings about midday and went in different groups. We saw the pier which was nearing completion and the sea front was uplifting with colourful façades. Another group went to the aquarium and reported that they had a wonderful time. There was plenty of Hastings Rock, Ice Cream and trinkets bought. We dived into the Fish and Chip shop and munched away. We left (reluctantly) and went to the old town. Mazza, Pav and I went to a quaint café with ef#icient service by a handsome young man. We bumped into other members walking through the old town having tea. Time up! We returned via “Operation Stack” to Margate.. A fun day was had by one and all.


Posted 10/12/2015 13:14:35
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