Sandwich LGBTIQ Forum

After an unfortunate postponement last month, owing to the cessation of train services following an accident, SpeakUpCIC's Sandwich LGBTIQ Forum was #inally launched on 9th November. Thanet's LGBTIQ Forum #irst met in 1993 and it was great to be able to expand this successful group to another area of East Kent. Our initial venue, the Beach Hut CafeĢ in Strand Street, could not have been more welcoming and it was great to meet new members Stuart and Jenny, as well as catching up with Mathew, Maggie and David. Hopefully, this monthly group will prove to be a popular rendezvous for LGBTIQ people facing mental health challenges and who are unable to travel to Thanet, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and promoting friendship and wellbeing. New LGBTIQ members are always very welcome, please contact the SpeakUpCIC office for further details. This group meets once a month.

Posted 10/12/2015 12:17:56
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